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"Cathy Pagano is passionate about CME and the impact it can have on patient care. This passion results in the development and execution of exemplary CME initiatives, demonstrated over her many years in the business. A trendsetter, Cathy uses technology in a meaningful way to enhance engagement and efficiency."

Karen Roy MSc CCMEP
Ardgillan Group



"CME Matters melds creativity in instructional design and delivery with content expertise. The result is high-quality and engaging education that stands out from similar CE offerings." 

John JD Juchniewicz, MCIS, CCMEP
American Academy of CME, Inc.
A Non-Profit Education Foundation



"Not only is Cathy Pagano one of the leading experts on branched learning, she and her team are able to deliver engaging and effective activities on time and on budget."


Bob Yayac

CEO and Co-Founder

Decision Simulation

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